real-time alert system
Orenda helps leaders overcome the barriers that come with excessive information. You do not need an understanding of public relations, social sciences, or statistics, in order to effectively use and benefit from our services. Alerts are designed to notify you when an issue requires attention.
accelerated decision making
We have advanced the online monitoring industry beyond data collection applying numerical metrics to areas that previously could not be quantified. Users do not need consultation or further analysis to gather, refine, and interpret what people are saying. This allows for timely and accurate understanding of public perception.
accurate analysis
Words and phrases are interpreted in different social and cultural contexts overcoming the ambiguity that a word or phrase may have on its own. The interface allows users to understand their brand and reputation displayed in performance metrics such as strength percentages, key-word analysis, sentiment analysis, and historical trends of their brand’s general standing.
reputation security
Users can explore how their brand is perceived by time and place allowing them to go beyond descriptive data to gain a clear understanding of how their reputation is impacted by specific events. Automated brand analysis is measured in key categories that drive reputation. These include; trust, satisfaction, commitment, character, exchange of benefits, and social responsibility.