About Orenda

Founded in 2015, Orenda Software Solutions is an AI powered platform that analyzes and quantifies social media data to clearly communicate public perception of an organization’s reputation, as well as its social values and commitment to global good. Our mission is to provide insights, quantify public perception, and identify the values that resonate with customers and stakeholders. Orenda’s metrics give organizations and investors the power to make better decisions based off real time information.

How it Works

Orenda collects all relevant social media data based on your specific needs and runs each data-point through our unique framework which measures it in eight different categories, resulting in extremely useful and in-depth insights into a brand. Once each data-point is analyzed, Orenda provides quantified insights into each of the eight categories, providing a detailed analysis of public outlook of a brand over any given time period.

Meet the Team

Tanya Seajay, MCM

Founder and CEO

Nadav Elituv

Executive Vice President

Sondra Lahey

Project Manager & Client Relations

Cory Musgrave

Manager of Software Engineering

David Weatherby

Software Developer

Larry Kim, BBA

Head of AI Engineering / Data Engineer

David MacNeil, BBA

Marketing Officer

Karen MacKeigan

Corporate Controller

Vrinda Krishna

Research Analyst

Rishi Midha

Senior Research Analyst