Additions to the Membertou Team

Orenda Software Solutions
January 29, 2020

In 2019, Orenda Software Solutions was honored as one of the Vital Employer award winners at the Nextgen Cape Breton Unama’ki Vital Awards, for providing meaningful employment opportunities in Cape Breton as well as their contributions to the fields of social media analysis and artificial intelligence.  

Over the past year, Orenda has hired four new full-time employees at their Membertou office. Each provides a unique skillset that allows Orenda to continue to grow, find success, and provide the best possible service to our clients.  

Let’s meet the newest team members! 


Sondra Lahey
Project Manager & Client Relations
Hired in July 2019

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Sondra has worked in management positions for the majority of her career, having travelled and worked throughout Canada and the US. Sondra is currently the Project Manager at Orenda’s Membertou office, responsible for managing a highly skilled team software developers, researchers, analysts, and marketing experts that continues to see growth. 

“Working with the Orenda team is a compelling opportunity. We provide our clients with a real time look into how public perception impacts a business. Being a part of a team that will provide companies with this awareness is exciting. We provide other businesses with data to assist them in their success.” 


Rachit Trivedi
Data Scientist
Hired in July 2019


After working as a .NET developer for a software firm for a brief period, Rachit decided to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. He attended the University of New Brunswick in order to enhance his knowledge, where he learned about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Shortly after earning his Masters degree, Rachit joined Orenda Software Solutions as a Data Scientist. He is primarily involved in Research and Development and improving the performance of Orenda’s artificial intelligence platform. 

“I personally found an interest in artificial intelligence once I started my higher education in New Brunswick and became passionate about it when I got involved in applying machine learning concepts in a research project at UNB Nuclear. At Orenda, I have a great opportunity to work with a technology that I have been passionate about, which I find both challenging and rewarding. All of us at Orenda like to solve problems with cutting-edge technology and are always willing to support each other. We are always experimenting with new techniques in order to achieve our goal. It is my pleasure to work every day with such profound team members.” 


Larry Jeehwan Kim
Software Developer
Hired in October 2019

Larry grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in 1998 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Since working in different software developer positions both in Korea and in Canada, Larry has joined Orenda Software Solutions in the role of a software developer. Larry is responsible for building APIs and services in the backend. He is a quick learner and loves to absorb new technologies such as Cloud and AI. 

“Working at Orenda has been a fantastic opportunity and has been more than just a good experience. It is leading me to a more rewarding level. I will be enjoying all the projects and tasks that are given to me while aiming for success for both Orenda and myself.” 


David MacNeil
Marketing Officer
Hired in January 2020

David was born and raised in Howie Centre Nova Scotia, and graduated from Cape Breton University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Marketing Major. Since working in a few different business and marketing positions both during and after his education, David has taken a step up into the role of Marketing Officer with Orenda Software Solutions, and is responsible for much of the company’s social media marketing, content creation, and communications efforts.  

“Working at Orenda has been an amazing new opportunity for me. I have always wanted to stay and find work close to home here on Cape Breton Island, so I was extremely excited when I was approached by Orenda with a job opening that seemed to fit my skillset. My experience working at Orenda has been nothing but positive, and I believe that both the company and the team that works here have a lot of potential for even more success in the future.” 


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