Terrible Twos lead to Terrific Threes

Written by Tanya on 16/01/2018
There were many temper tantrums. A bit of clinginess. A need for fierce independence at times. A loss of patience, and definitely frustration. It felt like the Terrible Twos. Yes, I’m talking about our company, Orenda. 

Today is our birthday and we are turning three. As the founder of this brilliant company, I am relieved. 

 Just like a two-year-old, our company underwent many changes this past year. Our intelligence increased at the same rate as our opportunities; we were eager to do things on our own and we learned there were many rules. 

We had plenty of big ideas and loads of energy, but since we were still growing and building our potential, we couldn’t move as swiftly as we wanted. We had to find many ways to communicate our needs, especially to potential investors. 

Along the way, we grew to love and respect our company’s development, a humbling experience that instills a new sense of maturity and confidence within our team. 

We know this year is going to be Terrific. We’ve connected with leaders throughout North America in AI, Predictive Analytics, and Alternative Data, and now we are able to move much faster. We are a proud Canadian Company within the Fintech Sandbox in Boston and already experiencing the benefits of that partnership. We are in the Growth Program at MaRS Venture Services. And we have both Thomson Reuters and Associated Press as our data partners. These giants see our potential and provide so many prospects for our continued growth. 

Our enterprise customers are transitioning into business partners and we are developing agreements that bring mutual benefits to our companies, continuously expanding our ecosystem and ability to collaborate on new ideas. 

We have a tremendous amount to celebrate today. We are in an enviable position when it comes to the experience and exposure our company has gained since it was established in 2015. 

We know where we’re headed and now we have the ability to get there. No more temper tantrums. This year we will demonstrate what makes us unique in the marketplace with a stronger sense of ourselves. 

We’ll be fascinating.
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