RAIT – Retail Analytics & Insights Technology

RAIT is the ultimate Retail Analytics tool for social positioning and business data within the retail industry. With RAIT, you can easily analyze key business areas such as sales data, consumer engagement, revenue forecasts, performance comparisons, and more.

The platform was designed to be effectively used across all departments of your organization. It is the most comprehensible and efficient tool of its kind, meaning that everyone can benefit from its insights and applications, no matter what your experience working with data may be.

RAIT is linked with Orenda's database, making the process of data preparation quick and simple, giving it an edge over the competition.

RAIT will allow for all members of your team to:

  • Contextualize your KPIs with social positioning data
  • Gather critically important insights about your organization
  • Quickly and efficiently gather the data you need to do your job well
  • Display your data on a dashboard - ideal for analysis
  • Create a variety of professional grade charts and graphs that are effective and understandable - perfect for presentation and evaluation
  • Work as a team across the platform no matter your experience working with data