Custom Analysis

Understand how your reputation is being shaped online with strength percentages and how you can manage it, without consultation.

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relevant data

The more information Orenda gathers, the more precise it judges what matters.

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overall standing

Know your position and your competitions' reputation. Industry standards demonstrate where you stand and what trends are industry-wide.

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Easily view relevant information categorized by date and time. Target specific events of interest.

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Risk Alerts

Notifications are sent when reputation is at risk, allowing action to be managed effectively. Based on your scores; recorded in real-time.

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social media analytics

Learn who influences your brand by geographic region or time. Understand what issues are relevant to stakeholders in real-time.

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Survey distribution

Create and distribute surveys to gain meaningful information about brand perception. Responses are analyzed with the same criteria applied to all other data, ensuring overall ratings remain accurate.

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stakeholder management

Build a tailored strategy for on-going, interactive and measureable relationships. Orenda facilitates a relationship built on trust and open communitication for enhanced participation.

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