Relationship BetaTM - Alternative Data for the Financial World


Emotional impact ultimately destabilizes entire industries, trade agreements, economies, currencies and countries.

What was once considered “soft data” in business is colliding with the financial world every day causing tremendous aftershocks.





When society feels business is out of alignment with its values, the impact is swift and severe. It spreads in seconds through social media.

Orenda knows that in that sea of posts are precious trading signals. As assets deviate from their intrinsic value, that speed of change is not fuelled by financial fundamentals, it’s fuelled by accumulating emotion.




Orenda’s comprehensive metrics are grounded in social science and deliver a real-time score guided by ESG objectives that keep companies honest and accountable.

Portfolio managers can integrate Orenda’s scores for a more robust understanding of the company’s degree of accountability, and also real-time public feedback. This keep ESG scores true every day. 




Written by Tanya Seajay


CryptoCurrency Sentiment Index launches for Crypto Traders and Enthusiasts

Amsterdam. September 18h, 2018:  Orenda Software Solutions (OSS) joins bit4coin to officially launch CCSIX – a powerful CryptoCurrency Sentiment Index for the crypto community.

Beginning today, is live and supporting crypto trading decisions. The direct benefit to users is the ability to understand price performance by leveraging patterns within sentiment that generates alpha. The challenge faced by many is that the cryptocurrency market is viewed as erratic and irrational, and buyers and sellers struggle to make accurate predictions in the midst of the chaos. 

Why use Sentiment for Trading