Social Positioning

Social media has the power to connect people on a global scale, meaning word travels fast and public opinion matters more than ever. Finding a way to effectively manage and understand public perception of your brand has become an indispensable business function. At Orenda we efficiently gather and analyze extensive amounts of social media data, allowing us to provide valuable insights into the social positioning of a brand, company, or public figure.

With this information, you can see which factors of your brand have a strong public perception in comparison to the competition, and which areas need more attention. Orenda can help you identify the direct causes for your company’s fluctuation in sentiment value by identifying trends within relevant social media data, and explain how each of these trends positively or negatively impacts your brand. This data provides companies across many industries with insights that allow them to make important and informed business decisions.

Orenda measures social positioning across eight unique categories (trust, character, influence, exchange of benefits, commitment, satisfaction, social responsibility, and general.



Measures the amount of integrity, dependability, and competence that the public has in a company and its brand, and considers whether people believe that your organization has the ability to follow-through and deliver on its promises.


The distinct qualities that the public, according to industry standards, judges the unique traits of a brand in comparison to its competition.


Analyzes the capacity that a company can affect the opinions of the public, and measures how the public judges a company's leadership, transparency, and authority on topics when as industry.

Exchange of Benefits

Measures the level of reciprocity the public expects from a company for choosing its products or services rather than from competing companies.


Measures the level of dedication that the public has to your company or brand in order to receive their desired benefits, as opposed to filling these needs using other products or services.


Determines the amount of favourability the public expresses about a company and its brand, and measures whether people’s expectations with a product or service are positively reinforced by their experiences.

Social Responsibility

Measures the level of confidence that people have in a company, in relation to its actions to improve or uphold the social fairness and environmental awareness of society.


Measures any remaining important social factors that have not been covered in any of the other categories