About Us

Founded in 2015, Orenda │ a SIX Company, is an alternative data vendor focused on real-time ESG and Social Positioning metrics powered by artificial intelligence technology and public social media data. Our mission is to provide investors with the tools required to evaluate risk and make sustainable and profitable investment decisions which align with the core environmental, social, and governance values of society. Orenda entered a strategic partnership with SIX in February of 2021 as a step toward providing a wider array of customers with consumption ready data and analytics allowing for deeper insights as well as faster and more informed decisions.

How it Works

Orenda has developed an intelligent automated process by which all relevant social media data is collected as it relates to the environmental, social, and governance issues of any given company - ensuring that all irrelevant noise is eliminated, and only the most crucial and meaningful data is being input into our framework. Each data point is then individually processed to determine its ESG impact, which is then implemented into the company’s ESG scoring. These scores are then ready to be implemented into traditional financial methods to conduct an in-depth analysis of a company’s commitment to global good and how its ESG standing and the community voice of its key stakeholders are impacting the market.