What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Governance variables are a set of non-financial factors which directly impact financial market performance, and have developed into key considerations for investors who are looking to make decisions that are both profitable and align with the core values of society. ESG have become the most relevant factors to identify sustainable and ethical investment opportunities. Orenda has teamed up with SIX to deliver data that allows you to align your investment decisions with societal values and make predictions. Our unique ESG technology based in artificial intelligence and machine learning allows for the exposure of valuable social insights and the integration of cutting edge ESG data into conventional financial methodology to make more informed sustainable investment decisions.

Orenda's ESG dataset provides:

Real-time ESG signals with predictive power that can be implemented in traditional investment strategies.


Valuable insights on the perspectives, opinions, and values of key stakeholders which can quickly impact  market performance.


Historical ESG data dating back to 2015 allowing for in-depth year-by-year analysis.


Comprehensive scores that identify the influence of key corporate events as they relate to core ESG issues.


A large, pinpoint-accurate and uninterrupted stream of data – 80% more than what is required to be statistically meaningful.

Data in Action
Orenda's ESG indicator can clearly identify signals which predict significant market shifts using ESG data.