I'm in Love with a Stranger Preview Image
Every time your heart beats today someone tweets about the Apple brand
Terrible Twos lead to Terrific Threes Preview Image
It felt like the Terrible Twos
Know Thyself: Building Your Strategic Reputation Plan. Preview Image
I joined Orenda Software Solutions in 2015
Tailor Made to Change Preview Image
“To define is to limit” - Oscar Wilde
Schrodinger’s Tweet: Social Media As Both Harmful & Helpful  Preview Image
Earlier this year I read this blog
Brand Enlightenment: What You Measure Will Be What You Improve.  Preview Image
Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO of Uber back in June, 2017
Orenda's Personality: Reflecting on our Company Culture Preview Image
Since joining Orenda I've been observing how people view their work.
Social Data, Cognitive Technology, and Building a Trustworthy Brand. Preview Image
Don’t judge a book by its cover, a wise aphorism that I’m sure everyone can affirm
Leadership, Hubris, and Working with Unknown Unknowns Preview Image
One of my favourite hobbies is reading.
Orenda in The Cloud Preview Image
Are you having a bad day or a bad run?
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